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Welcome to Sai Leela TV

Various Gateways (to reach Sai Devotees)

Our aim is to take Saileela Channel to every person, house or country that holds a place for Saibaba in their heart, and for this very reason, we are in talks with multiple distributer like Tata Sky, Vediocon D2H, Dish TV, Sun Direct TV, Airtel Digital TV, DD Direct Plus, Den Cable, Hathway Cable, Citi Cable, In cable and Many more to be the distributers for our channel.

We are making sure that we cover a maximum numbers of distributors that are spread over a wider area to reach maximum number of peoples.

Our attempts at breaking language and distance barriers are backed by the soul purpose of making sure that Saibaba’s teachings and principals are remembered and given justice to.

Today the hate between cast, creed, sects, sub sects, religions is at its peak, which is main obstacle for integration, unification of all human beings which is separated by manmade act, ways and means. Baba wanted all human being be united under one shelter with communal harmony & that is why Baba’s “Sabka Malik Ek” teaching has to be propagated by demolishing all barrier of religion, sects, sub sects, cast, creed & all such factors which separates human hearts.

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