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Poor and Needy people are target beneficiaries for ‘Annadan-Seva’ at various locations.


Shirdi-Noida-Pune-Faridabad-Mumbai-Kolkata-Hyderabad-Lucknow and other Cities in India.


25 Lacs Poor and Needy peoples are targeted beneficiaries for Anna-Seva in the year 2021.

Welcome to Saileela TV

Saileela is India’s first devotainment channel dedicated to Saibaba and Sai Devotee’s by assimilating devotion with entertainment. This channel was formed with an objective of disseminating thoughts and teachings of Sri Saibaba to the viewers. The channel aims to redefine the socio spiritual television programs with unique features that combine mythology, history, music and devotion and above all preaching “ Sabka Malik Ek” philosophy. The channel’s program schedule is aimed at creating content that will celebrate, explore, discover and promulgate Saibaba through shows which will feature storified history, untold stories, devotional music, thaumaturgy espy of devotees and daily darshan of Saibaba.

“There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one language, the language of the heart.”

Shri. Saibaba

Saileela TV

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.



Shri. Saibaba is worshiped by devotees from all over the world in their own way. Baba too, sees only the devotion of his devotees. The worship method “Sri Sadguru Sainath Sagunopasana” started by Baba’s devotee Krishnashatri
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Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance
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Our Key Features

A key feature is defined as a critical step in the resolution of a clinical problem, and a key-feature problem consists of a clinical case scenario followed by questions that focus on only those critical steps.


Shradddha and Saburi (Faith and patience) has been the mantra of Shri Saibaba for a happy and successful life. This is exactly what we propose to propagate to our viewers through our programs. A little faith, a little patience, and a little miracle is what one needs and is what one gets at Saibaba’s darbar. Inspired by the life of Saibaba and his philosophy; we are a channel of Saibhakt’s for Saibhakt’s by Saibhakt’s.


Our aim is to take our channel to every person, house or country that holds a place for Saibaba in their heart. We are making sure that we cover a maximum number of distributors that are spread over a wider area to reach maximum number of people. Our attempts at breaking language and distance barriers are backed by the soul purpose of making sure that Saibaba’s teachings and principals are remembered and done justice to.


In this materialistic world, there are a seldom few who strive to keep their roots and ideologies alive. Fewer succeed. We aim to be the fewer ones who hope to see our dreams of bringing Saibaba’s thoughts and teachings to ourdaily lives and touch the lives of our viewers in ways that they can relate to in their lives.We think that Saibaba’s real philosophy is getting lost in all the noise of today’s world and the information available is limited, but we refuse to give in to this. We are striving to preserve Shri Saibaba’s original teachings and philosophy and we have learned the art of keeping faith from him. We have been well received so far and we continue to pray to Saibaba for further continued support in our mission.