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Help SAILEELA to Feed Hungry People during this Crisis. Served More than 50K Meals. We request you to join our hands to support this initiative for keeping this distribution enduring.

We provide vegetarian food to the people who are in the need of food. Our food is prepared by the Sai Devotees. We offer the food to Lord Shri. Saibaba before distribution. The prasadam is capable of satisfying the soul and body.
We are distributing ‘food for life’ to around 500 visitors daily. On Thursday and during weekends and festive season, the number of visitors reaches up to 1000. Apart from this, our volunteers and devotees distribute the food in near villages and poor people.
Additionally, we distribute food in the low-income areas regularly. This noble cause is helping people all around the Shirdi, Noida, Faridabad, Mumbai and Pune during emergencies and disasters as well:
You can donate at