Our Belief

The burdened life of people in the 21st century makes them experience lot of hardships in their daily routines. A lot of people seek solace and serenity in Sri saibaba’s blessings and his teachings.

A trip to Shirdi once in a few days gives them new vigour to take on life and gives strength to face the ups and downs of life. However it is hard for them to visit Shirdi often due to preoccupation. We aim to bridge this gap between Saibhakt and Shri Saibaba by connecting them through Saileela TV Channel 24/7. Saibaba’s leelas have always been beacon of hope for many and his teachings have always acted as a lodestar for people who are struggling with existential concerns. Shradha and saburi has been the basic mantra of Shri Saibaba for a happy and successful life.

This is exactly what we propose to propagate to our viewers through our programs.

A little faith, a little patience, and a little experience are what one needs and is what one gets at Saibaba’s darbar. This TV channel is a gift from Saibhakt gifted to Saibhakt & for the Saibhakta’s on the occasion of cenetenary year of Saibaba’s Samadhi Year.

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